American Acrylic, Manufacture of LumaSite and LumaGuard reinforced acrylic sheets
American Acrylic Corporation was incorporated in the spring of 1964. The Company was started to manufacture attractive reinforced acrylic sheets for lighting and decorative applications. Some of the original technology resulted from research and development at the DuPont Company in Wilmington, Delaware.

American Acrylic Corporation manufactures reinforced flat plastic sheets in a compression-molding process. In the manufacturing process, liquid resins and reinforcements are combined and molded into reinforced flat sheets at elevated temperature and pressure.

The offices and manufacturing operation were located in East Farmingdale, New York until 1980. During 1980, the Company moved to larger quarters in West Babylon, New York, and at the same time, installed production equipment that nearly doubled production capacity. Additional capacity, including a production line capable of manufacturing sheets five feet wide, was added in 1985.

Today, American Acrylic Corporation manufactures four distinct product lines:

LUMAsite® Sheets and Diffusers
Reinforced acrylic sheets and diffusers marketed under the LUMAsite® trade name for construction-related applications, including architectural and display lighting, partitions, translucent glazing panels, illuminated walls, window treatments, and sign backgrounds.
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LUMAgard Bullet-Resistant (Armor) Sheets
Bullet-resistant fiberglass sheets to defeat most levels of weaponry, including handgun and rifle threat levels. These sheets, marketed under the LUMAgard trade name, are used in courthouse and law-enforcement facilities, banks, armored vehicles, and wherever protection is needed. The Company also supplies bullet-resistant assemblies.
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Transparency Attachment Panels
Reinforced acrylic panels used as an accommodation layer for attachment of aircraft transparencies. These fabric-reinforced acrylic composite panels are used to attach window panels and canopies in winged aircraft and helicopters.
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High-Strength Fiberglass Sheets
Fiberglass sheets for shipboard use, water treatment and other industrial applications and corrosion-resistant liner panels.
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