​​​American Acrylic


High-strength fiberglass sheets; reinforcements and resins to meet most specifications, including all grades of the MIL-P-17549D specification for "Marine Structural (fiberglass) Sheets"; products include weatherable utility sheets in white and green.

Fiberglass-reinforced acrylic sheets for architectural applications and sign backgrounds; most varieties are translucent; includes sheets with frosted and rice-paper effects, pastel colors, and a few bold colors.

LUMAgard™ inside a hardened enclosure at security checkpoint.

High-strength fiberglass sheets are used for many industrial, commercial and marine applications.

Bullet-resistant fiberglass sheets are manufactured to defeat most levels of weaponry as described by UL and NIJ performance standards, including handgun and rifle threat levels.

Reinforced acrylic and reinforced epoxy vinyl ester sheets for attachment of aircraft transparencies; laminates incorporating choice of two different nylon fabric reinforcements and five different fiberglass fabric reinforcements are readily available, meeting most aircraft window and canopy-related specifications.

​LUMAsite® is American Acrylic's trademark for fiberglass-reinforced acrylic panels, and for fiberglass-reinforced acrylic-modified polyester panels.

Bullet-resistant fiberglass sheets are offered to meet UL Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4; Levels 3 and 4 are UL-listed; large sheets, or panels cut to size

Our Products

Fabric-reinforced acrylic sheets and fabric- reinforced epoxy sheets are used as reinforcing gaskets for canopies and windows in aircraft.