Application Summary Table:

LUMAsite® fiberglass-reinforced acrylic sheets

*Type FR sheets exhibit burning characteristics meeting a Class C rating per NFPA 255.

In most lighting and architectural varieties, the fibers are deliberately visible, lending an exotic "silken cobweb" effect. Graceful rice paper and frosted effects, translucent and opaque white varieties, delicate tints, bright colors, and fabric and mesh embedments offer architects and designers many choices for lighting and translucent panels.

LUMAsite® Sheets and Diffusers

LUMAsite® is American Acrylic's trademark for fiberglass-reinforced acrylic panels, and for fiberglass-reinforced acrylic-modified polyester panels.

These shatterproof sheets combine the attractive ​appearance and long term outdoor durability of cast acrylic with the strength and translucent beauty of the glass fibers. Whites and colors intended for signs and displays have these fibers to impart strength and durability, but they are not visible. 

Sheet Sizes

Standard varieties of LUMAsite sheets, except the "Diamond Design" metal embedment, are manufactured in the following sheet sizes (minimum order quantities may apply): 3' x 8' , 3' x 10' , 4' x 6' , 4' x 8' , 4' x 10'

The Frost- SOS, White 1000- SOS, White 1020, White 1040, and Yellow 02037 varieties are also available in he following larger sheet sizes (note that larger sheet sizes are priced at a premium): 4' x 12' , 5' x 8' , 5' x 10' , 5' x 12'

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