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Bullet-resistant fiberglass sheets are manufactured to ballistic levels defined by Underwriters Laboratories Standard UL 752. Sheets designed to defeat specific threats defined by National Institute of Justice Standard NIJ 0108.01 are also manufactured.

Refer to the Fiberglass Armor Reference Table for more information.

LUMAgard™ Bullet-Resistant (Armor) Sheets

-Bank Teller Counters
-Gas Stations
-Convenience Stores
-Pay Counters
-Remote Electronic Buildings
-Secure Rooms & Offices
-Judges Benches
-Armored Cars
-Postal Facilities
-Reception Areas
-Where personnel and valuables need protection


-Easy to install with standard tools
-Cost efficient

-Bullets embed in the laminate, limiting ricochet


-Excellent multiple-hit capability

LUMAgard™ inside the walls of a judge's bench.

Bullet-resistant fiberglass sheets are manufactured to defeat most levels of weaponry as described by UL and NIJ performance standards, including handgun and rifle threat levels.

Panels from production are routinely tested to confirm superior performance. Testing is conducted often by nationally-recognized testing laboratories, including Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

These sheets, marketed under the LUMAgard™ trade name, are often used in courthouse and law-enforcement facilities, banks and other money-handling operations, guard booths, armored vehicles, equipment enclosures and many other kinds of installations where protection is needed.