​​​American Acrylic


By embedding various materials into the panel when casting reinforced acrylic-modified polyester panels, new vistas are opened to the specifier. Inquire regarding fabric embedments and embedments that incorporate graphics into fiberglass panels.

Crystal II Panels

Embedment of special papers printed with graphics seals the graphics into the panel. Once cast into fiberglass, the sign, display or decorative panel exhibits superior toughness, durability and vandal-resistance. Common applications for graphic embedments include industrial and safety signage, transit sign panels, and interpretive panels for parks, zoos and museums.

Application Summary Table:

LUMAsite® fiberglass-reinforced acrylic sheets

Diamond Design (DD3448) is the designation given to an embedment panel incorporating 3/4"x 1-1/2" expanded aluminum mesh, resulting in a panel with toughness, rigidity and resistance to penetration. At the same time, the diamond-shaped openings form an attractive pattern that allows generous passage of light.

Crystal II panels are used in glazing and partition applications requiring high light transmission and superior impact strength. These near-clear panels are supplied with a micrograin gloss finish on both sides, or with a matte or pebbled surface on one side (refer to Crystal II-SOS and Crystal II-POS). The standard micrograin gloss is a medium-reflectivity surface with a slight texture that contributes less diffusion than the matte or pebbled finishes.